Have you been travelling abroad?

Travelling Abroad?

Travellers have a great chance of getting a tax refund!

If you're thinking about going on an OE, or you've been travelling outside of NZ during the past 5 years then there's a good chance you'll get a tax refund. In order to get this you may be required to file a part-year individual tax return.

We can help you sort your part-year tax returns quickly and easily, and for an affordable price. WooHoo!

What does it cost?

of the refund amount, up to $400 max
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What do you get?

  • No refund no fee, guaranteed
  • Fast and efficient service
  • No hidden costs
  • 5 working day turnaround
  • Help with NZ tax obligations while you're overseas including student loans
We're Fast

We're Fast

We can have your part-year IR3 ready to file in just 5 business days of receiving all the required paperwork and documents.

We're Trusted

We're Trusted

We're proud to be the only tax agent in New Zealand to have earned the Consumer Trusted Accreditation.

We're Cheap

We're Affordable

Our pricing is simple. We don't charge any extra for the part-year IR3 filing, we just take our normal tax refund fee. WooHoo!

The average refund for our travellers in 2016 so far is... $618!

Let's get you started!

Simply sign up to be a WooHoo customer and then answer a couple of questions about your time overseas, we'll take care of the rest.