Are You a Social Marketer?

Are You a

Network Marketer?

Don't lose time worrying about your tax, let us sort it out

If you're a network marketer (or a multi-level marketer) and sell products by going door-to-door, hosting parties, or many other methods, then you're required to file an income tax return if you earn over $200. Our service is efficient, fast, and affordable. 

Our team of experts can help you sort your end-of-year tax return, and will take care of claiming any expenses you may have incurred. WooHoo!

What does it cost?

with our Standard Tax Return package, including GST.
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What do you get?

  • Correct and on-time tax return filing for your compulsory returns
  • Easily claim on your expenses
  • Advice to make sure you get the most out of your tax code
  • 5 working day turnaround
  • A filing extension of up to 8 months if you apply before July 7

Our network marketers usually claim expenses for: Mobile phone costs, transportation, and uniforms!

We're Fast

We're Fast

We can have your income tax return ready to file in just 5 business days of receiving all the required paperwork and documents.

We're Trusted

We're Trusted

We're proud to be the only tax agent in New Zealand to have earned the Consumer Trusted Accreditation.

We're Cheap

We're Affordable

Our pricing is simple. We don't have any additional hidden costs, and we're up-front about what we charge.

Let's get you started!

Simply sign up to be a WooHoo customer and then answer a couple of questions about your income, we'll take care of the rest.