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Time to file your Individual Tax Return (IR3)? More and more freelancers, contractors, and self-employed Kiwis choose WooHoo to meet their tax obligations.

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Claiming Expenses

Claiming expenses

Not sure what you can claim? We'll let you know exactly what to claim to maximise your expense claims.

Claiming Expenses

Calculating your tax

How much tax do you have to pay? We'll calculate it, taking all your income and expenses into account.

Claiming Expenses

Filing your return

What's the next step? We take your tax calculation, sort out all the paperwork, and file with IRD. Easy.

"Excellent service always. So stress free for dummies like me. 😉👍"

- Christine H

Benefits of Choosing WooHoo

Dedicated Case Manager

Tax Returns customers are assigned a dedicated case manager.

Online Receipt Storage

Upload your receipts to your WooHoo account as you get them, don't look for them later!

Extension of Filing Deadline

If we're assigned as a tax agent before July 7 you'll get a 10 month extension to your filing deadline.

Fixed Pricing

We have fixed price packages to choose from, so you know exactly what you're paying for.

Our Tax Return Pricing

Lite Package

$100 including GST

  • IR3 Filing
  • Case Manager
  • Deadline Extension
  • Tax Calculation
  • Package Add-ons
  • Expense Claiming

Standard Package

$250 including GST

  • IR3 Filing
  • Case Manager
  • Deadline Extension
  • Tax Calculation
  • Package Add-ons
  • Expense Claiming

Rental Package

$350 including GST

  • IR3 Rental Filing
  • Case Manager
  • Deadline Extension
  • Property Tax Calculation
  • Package Add-ons
  • Expense Claiming

A complete list of our fees is available here.

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Common Questions

Absolutely not!

Creating your WooHoo account is free! And there's no monthly fees to worry about either.

If you're required to file an IR3, your dedicated Case Manager will be in touch with you directly to discuss your individual needs and which of our tax return packages is the best fit for you.

If it does turn out that you do only need to submit a Personal Tax Summary (PTS) for a tax refund, our system will automatically submit your PTS to IRD and get the tax refund released. When this occurs our standard 19.5% tax refund fee will be applied.

We'd love to say yes but really, it depends.

Everyone's tax circumstances are unique which means we can't guarantee everyone a refund, but you can trust that our dedicated team will work with you to maximise your tax position. This may result in a tax refund, or it may work out that we reduce your tax bill instead.

Choosing WooHoo for your tax needs also means you've got us on your side when it comes to handling any penalties, interest, or payment plans with IRD. WooHoo!

We've built four different packages to suit our tax return customers:

  • Part-Year - 19.5% of any tax refund claimed
  • Lite - $100
  • Standard - from $250
  • Rental - from $350

There are add-ons available for the Standard and Rental packages, allowing you to increase the volume of transactions or documents to be processed, additional tax calculations, or for other items like multiple properties.

Your Case Manager will be in touch to discuss your individual needs before starting your tax return.

A complete list of all our fees is available here. All prices include GST and apply per return.

Our packages are built to meet your individual needs.

  • If you've received schedular payments (instead of regular wages or salary) and you haven't incurred any work-related expenses that you'd like to claim for, our $100 Lite Package is just right for you.
  • If you're a freelancer, sole trader, or earning any sort of untaxed income, our $250 Standard Package is the option you need to meet your legal requirements. This package allows you to declare your untaxed earnings and also claim on any business-related expenses you've incurred.
  • Own rental property, or run a B&B or holiday home? You'll be after our $350 Rental Package. This includes the required calculations for the first property, and you can add subsequent properties to this package for just $150 each.

More information on our tax return packages and add-ons is available here.

We currently accept the following:

  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Payment by Cheque

We recommend that you pay by direct bank transfer – it's the safest and easiest way. In the event you are invoiced, all the payment details will be made available on the invoice.

There are some other service-related fees to be aware of:

  • Cheque Fee - $5
  • Unsolicited Payments - $25
  • International Bank Transfers - $25
  • Cheque Cancellation - $35

More information on our other fees is available here.

Who needs to file tax returns?


Creatives and Designers

Creatives and Designers

Working freelance and receiving non-salary based income? We're here to sort our your tax obligations.



Are you working as a tradie and receiving schedular payments? We'll make your tax work for you.

Professionals and Consultants

Professionals and Consultants

Work for yourself and want to claim on all those travel expenses? We'll maximise your expense claims to reduce your tax bill.

Rental Properties and B&Bs

Rental Properties and B&Bs

It can be difficult to work out the percentages of your homes or properties you can claim as expenses. Trust us, we'll sort it out.

Ride-sharing Drivers

Ride-sharing Drivers

Being a driver is hard work, with long hours. Signing up with us will let you receive an extension on your filing deadline.

Sales and Network Marketers

Sales and Network Marketers

Hosting sales events and spending time travelling? We'll help you claim on expenses, and make filing your tax returns a breeze.