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We've started paying 2018 tax refunds. That's great!

Some customers may not have received their tax refunds yet. Don't fret, we're working hard to make sure everyone gets back their hard earned tax dollars!

Here's some reasons you may not have received your tax refund yet:

  • Transfers from IRD to our trust account can take 2-3 business days to appear at our end
  • You have Working for Families Tax Credits
  • You've indicated to us during your 2018 application or confirmation that you have additional income
  • There are some missing income gaps in your 2018 tax year earnings
  • There's a requirement to file an IR3 (an individual tax return)

There is more information about each of these items in our news section. If you have any questions then don't hesitate to jump into a LiveChat and ask.

You'll be able to apply for your 2018 tax refund from 1 April 2018!

Keep in mind that income information from all employers is due shortly after this date, we'll be able to estimate your tax refund in late-April.

Once you've applied we'll automatically issue an estimate as soon as we're able.

The 2018 tax year is from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018.

Our aim is to show you the money. Typically we pay all tax refunds within 3 business days.

To be eligible to receive your tax refund within 3 business days you must supply all the information requested on the online form, and it must be accurate. You'll also need to provide a New Zealand bank account.

The 3-day payment promise does not apply if:

  • You're registered for Working for Families Tax Credits
  • Have an existing debt with IRD
  • Pay child support
  • Are required to file an Individual Tax Return (IR3)

This is where things get interesting! If your tax situation is more complex than just filing for a tax refund then we pass you over to our Tax Return Team. We have experts standing by to personally attend to your tax needs, whether it's filing for your own business, your rental property, your self-employment income, or anything inbetween, we're ready to make your tax work for you.

We have affordable, set price packages waiting for you to choose from, based on your requirements.

If you choose WooHoo to file your tax returns, you'll also receive a personal case manager, and an extension of your filing deadline to 31 March the following year. WooHoo!

We operate on a no refund, no fee policy for our tax refund service. This means if you're not due a tax refund then you won't be charged.

Our fees are 19.5% of the tax refund, with a maximum fee of $400 and a minimum of $19, per year. Mobile app users now receive a lower fee of 14%, with a maximum of $300, per year.

School children are charged a maximum of $25 per year, the same minimum fee applies.

Fees for Individual Tax Returns (IR3) are seperate, as we have set-price packages to suit the customer's needs.

A full breakdown of our fees and additional charges are available on our pricing page.

We can apply for your donations tax credits for you! We just need you to send us copy of the receipts for all of your donations.

There is a $35 charge associated with filing for your donations tax credits. This charge is per year, per filing, due to requiring to file a claim for each year individually.

We've put together some information about claiming donations over here.

When you apply with us we'll calculate if you have a tax refund owing. In a situation where filing your Personal Tax Summary (PTS) would cause a debt with IRD, we'll stop the process and let you know. As we operate on a no refund, no fee policy there will be no charge for this service.

If you have an existing debt with IRD, then filing your PTS may result in some, or all, of your refund being held back by IRD to cover this debt. We can assist in arranging for you to repay your debt, and in some cases having the debt written off. Simply speak to us on LiveChat or send us an email to discuss your individual circumstances.

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