Where's my 2015 WooHoo?

WooHoo! We've been paying out 2015 tax refunds to our confirmed customers for a few weeks now. However, a few people are yet to receive theirs - leading to the question "Where's my WooHoo?". With this in mind, we thought we'd help out by outlining a few reasons why you might still be waiting.

Delays are often the result of the following scenarios:

  • We've calculated that you should be getting more money than the IRD thinks you should be getting and as such we are now trying to negotiate the best possible outcome for you with the IRD.
  • There is a delay with your Working for Families Tax Credit end of year square up.
  • The IRD has put the account under review.
  • You indicated you were receiving income from another source (such as interest, dividend, other untaxed income) on your application but have not provided us any details.
  • There are gaps in your income, and we need to know how you were supported during these periods before we can process your tax refund.
  • IRD have determined you are required to file an IR3 and we are either waiting on more information from you, or working with the IRD to get this requirement removed.

Working for Families Tax Credit Square Up

The annual Working for Families Tax Credit (WfFTC) square up usually happens around mid-July, however some people may be assessed earlier. If you received WfFTC during the last tax year, please make sure you keep us informed about any changes to your family situation. We are working closely with IRD to make sure you receive the correct family tax entitlements. WooHoo!

Account Under Review

What does "account under review" mean? Put simply, it means that the IRD needs time to look into your particular account.

The most common reasons for the account being under review are:

  • Working for Families Tax Credits
  • Student loan
  • Incorrect income data
  • Refund amount is over $2,500

The IRD may take around 9 weeks to finalise most reviews, in some cases the IRD may take additional 15 days when a referral needs to be sent. A lot of the logistics around this process are out of our control – making the ability to give exact time estimates difficult. Rest assured, if you are a client of ours, we will ring the IRD and try our best to speed the process up. After the IRD finish their review, we can access your refund, and we pass it onto you the day we get it. We will notify you the day we either transfer it into your bank account or post you a cheque.

Other Income

If you indicated on your application form that you received other income, interest, dividends, then please email copies of the bank statements, or other evidence to team@woohoo.co.nz. We are unable to file your tax refund without these documents.

Missing Income

Your income record at IRD may be showing gaps in your earnings. This could be for a variety of reasons, such as unpaid leave for travel, a month off between jobs, or because you were looking for work. We just need to know what you were doing in these periods, and how you were supported. Unfortunately we need this information before we can file your tax refund. Please login to your WooHoo account to update this information.

IR3 Requirement

The IRD may have determined you are required to file an IR3, a more comprehensive tax return, usually if your employer has deducted scheduler tax or you were a shareholder/director of a company. We are either waiting on more information from you to file, or working with IRD to get this requirement removed. We will be in touch as we progress your tax return, however it could take up to 6 weeks.

If you have any concerns regarding the whereabouts of your 2015 tax refund, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our tax refund experts via live chat, email, or our free-phone number 0800 03 04 05.