Meet Bubbles, the new giraffe on the block!

Christchurch continues to stand tall as one of the first 49 large giraffes won at auction in February has found her new home at WooHoo NZ Tax Refunds. The Giraffe, affectionately n…. |Read More

School Donations Qualify for Tax Rebate

WooHoo! The kids have finally gone back to school after the long hot summer. Parents, you’ve been getting your kids all set up with their summer uniforms, shoes, snacks, lunchboxes…. |Read More

The Summer of WooHoo

With the 2015 tax season fast approaching, it was the perfect time to make sure your WooHoo account contact information was up-to-date! As an added bonus for taking the time to che…. |Read More

2014 Holiday Water Safety Message

WooHoo! The Summer weather is finally kicking in and it's on these long hot days that many Kiwis will traditionally head for the water at one of New Zealand's many beautiful beache…. |Read More

WooHoo - DM Awards Finalists 2014

WooHoo! We are very excited to have recently been announced as finalists in the New Zealand Direct Marketing Association Awards for 2014. WooHoo have successfully made it thro…. |Read More

Plain English Awards 2014

WooHoo! We have received an Award of Distinction last night for our WooHoo website at the Plain English Awards 2014. The Plain English Awards celebrate clear communication and…. |Read More

The Canterbury A&P Show 2014

The Canterbury A&P show has been a key event in the calendar of Cantabrian folk for the past 128 years. This year's event is no different and reportedly has seen more than 500 …. |Read More

Guy Fawkes 2014

Remember, remember, the 5th of November; Gunpowder, treason and plot; I see no reason why gunpowder, treason; should ever be forgot. And the 'Gunpowder Plot' hasn't been…. |Read More

Happy Halloween!

What does it mean to you as a New Zealander? Do you celebrate things or do you feel it's just another over commercialised sales event and you do everything you can to avoid it alto…. |Read More

Labour Day in New Zealand

The first official Labour Day in New Zealand was celebrated on 28 October 1890 in New Zealand, and it has been celebrated as a statutory public holiday nationwide in New Zealand si…. |Read More