Introducing WooHoo IR3 Tax Refunds

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WooHoo Gains Consumer Trusted Accreditation

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When Will You Get Your 2015 WooHoo?

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WooHoo achieves a Data Warranty from the NZ MA

WooHoo! We are excited to announce that we have achieved a Data Warranty seal of approval from the Marketing Association, demonstrating our commitment to best practice relating to …. |Read More

Tax Season is Open

WooHoo! Tax season is open, meaning loads of kiwis now are exploring their tax refund options. Since opening our doors, over 300,000 New Zealanders have come to us to simplify the …. |Read More

The Impact of Zero Hour Contracts on Tax Returns

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WooHoo CEO Judging 2015 Hi-Tech Awards

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Meet Bubbles, the new giraffe on the block!

Christchurch continues to stand tall as one of the first 49 large giraffes won at auction in February has found her new home at WooHoo NZ Tax Refunds. The Giraffe, affectionately n…. |Read More

School Donations Qualify for Tax Rebate

WooHoo! The kids have finally gone back to school after the long hot summer. Parents, you’ve been getting your kids all set up with their summer uniforms, shoes, snacks, lunchboxes…. |Read More

The Summer of WooHoo

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