Claiming on Donations: Charities

We've been spreading the good word about how you can claim a tax credit on your donations, and we understand it's confusing to know exactly if the donations you've made qualify. …. |Read More

People’s Choice Award Winner Announced!

The votes have been tallied, and the people have spoken!  As a result of receiving the most votes in the WooHoo Rugby Scholarship, Paea Palaa has been confirmed as the inaugural wi…. |Read More

What being Consumer Trusted means to us

WooHoo! We received a special mention in Consumer NZ's article for Stuff, on trust in the service industries - so we felt it was befitting to talk about what being Consumer Trusted…. |Read More

WooHoo Income Insecurity Index 2015

New Zealand research supports global shift in workforce. WooHoo NZ Tax Refunds has conducted a new round of research towards the global trend of more people working multiple job…. |Read More

Final Week for the WooHoo Rugby Scholarship!

The final week for the WooHoo Rugby Scholarship is here! If you haven't got your application in and voted for your favourite player in The People's Choice section, make sure you ge…. |Read More

Where's my 2015 WooHoo?

WooHoo! We've been paying out 2015 tax refunds to our confirmed customers for a few weeks now. However, a few people are yet to receive theirs - leading to the question "Where's my…. |Read More

Introducing the WooHoo Rugby Scholarship

As the official partner to The Crusaders, we're proud and excited to be offering a talented young rugby player the opportunity to attend the Crusaders Academy while undertaking …. |Read More

We're Paying 2015 Tax Refunds Now!

Payday has arrived! The IRD have begun releasing the 2015 tax refunds, allowing us to pay all of our valued customers. Our leading edge mobile technology enabled us to begin paymen…. |Read More

Payday Giveaway Winners Announced!

50 of our lucky customers have scored themselves an extra WooHoo moment this payday, each winning one of our awesome prize…. |Read More

Introducing WooHoo IR3 Tax Refunds

We're excited to announce the introduction of a new section within our website, dedicated to IR3 tax refunds. WooHoo! By definition, an I…. |Read More