"It actually makes tax seem less scary :) Thanks" - Helen

IRD Tax Refund – Do you have a WooHoo waiting?

WooHoo! More New Zealanders have found their tax refund from Inland Revenue through NZ Tax Refunds than from any other service! If you’re like 90 percent of Kiwis, you probably have an IRD tax refund waiting for you. Even better news, you’re in the right place to find out!

We’ve got the best jobs in the country. We’ve helped more New Zealanders get their tax refunds than any other service. Making it easy for people, then making their days, is what we do every day. Give it a go and file your refund application!

Why WooHoo?

 Safe and Secure

Safe as houses, that’s what we are. Registered as Tax Agents and certified to EFILE with the IRD we work along side them (but not for them!) to calculate your refund.

 Tried, Tested and Trusted

Since we opened our virtual doors and clapped on the headsets we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders get what they’re due from the IRD.

 No IRD Refund, No Fee!

We operate a no IRD refund, no fee policy for our personal tax service. This means if you are not due a refund you will not be charged a dickie bird. Guaranteed.

 We Pay You Faster!

The truth of the matter is it's your money, not ours, which is why our people, our processes and our systems are all designed for speed and efficiency.


Be in to win one of 50 great prizes!

All WooHoo customers confirmed for 2015 tax refunds by payday are automatically in the draw. WooHoo!

Win one of 50 great prizes. WooHoo!
Trusted by NZ Consumer - WooHoo!

We're proud of being the first Consumer Trusted tax refund company in New Zealand.

We strive to conduct business in an open, honest and fair way. Our customers are at the heart of every decision we make. This milestone is a testament to the way we do business.

Consumer Trusted

The Consumer tick is given for:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Clear and reasonable pricing
  • Fair, robust, and understandable contracts
  • Accurate advertising
  • And more...
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What would you choose with your WooHoo?

If you've missed any of our tv ads, or just want to see a little more information about our mobile app, check out these videos! We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them. WooHoo!

Marie said:

Thanks for sorting my tax refund, very pleased with the woohoo received.

We’ve processed over $200,000,000 in tax refunds with an average of $464. That makes lots of happy customers. Do you have a WooHoo waiting?
When will you get your WooHoo?
April 1st - You can start your 2015 WooHoo! The 2015 tax year has just ended, meaning we can begin confirming 2015 tax refunds!
April 20th - Employers submit all details.Employers have until April 20th to submit all your income details for the 2015 tax year.
Late May - We begin our tax refund estimatesTowards the end of May we can begin estimating all of the 2015 tax refunds for customers.
Mid June - We pay out our WooHoo tax refunds!Around mid June the IRD start releasing the 2015 refunds. This is when we start paying. WooHoo!