More WooHoos!



After the excitement of our Million Dollar Dig we have been bitten by the competition bug WooHoo!!

We have managed to dig up more great prizes for our valued WooHoo’ers.

Starting from this week we will be giving away prizes such as a VIP experience in Auckland for the X-Factor, Galaxy S4 Mobile Phones, iPads, Cash and double the average refund.

Just by being a confirmed WooHoo 2013 customer you’re entered into the weekly prize draws and the grand prize draw for a Mystery Prize! WooHoo! So, if you haven’t already, confirm with us now!
The draws will take place on:

• Wednesday May 22nd – VIP treatment and X-Factor tickets (flights, accommodation and transport)
• Wednesday May 29th – Samsung Galaxy S4 x 2
• Wednesday June 5th – Cash $500 x 4
• Wednesday June 12th – iPad x 2
• Wednesday June 19th – Double the average refund
• Monday July 1st – Grand Mystery Prize

Please also read the full Terms and Conditions.

Good luck!!

25 Responses to “More WooHoos!”

  1. Thanks for including me in your draw, it would be nice to win something.

  2. Would love to win something good luck everyone :)

  3. Yay !!! Fingers crossed Xxx Thanks for including me woohoo!!

  4. Good luck to me, sorry to be selfish but hey, I don’t pay tax for nothing. oh wait.. xD

  5. just pleased to receive a woohoo and even get a chance at an extra prize. a double whammy woohoo. cheers thanks NZTaxRefunds. I am Stoked even though I may lose it back to my student loan debt. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOHOOOOO

  6. confirmed and thanks!

  7. galaxy s4 is mine guys… with the tax I’ve pay.. i could have brought 9 of these little suckers..hahaaaaaaaaaa.

  8. Fingers crossed and gud on ya hu ever wins, but really so hoping its me.

  9. thank you so much for the help you guys have giving me.

  10. great! WOOHOO

  11. I’m keen on a prize

  12. Would be nice to win :)

  13. ive waited for 13 yrs for a whoooo and all I get is $7.00…whoww it might get me some milk…..

  14. it would be awesome to win a prize! Did you have a woohoo waiting for you hahaha I did lol…

  15. would be the first for me to win anything.


  17. would be a massive woohoo for me as I am a student.

  18. could really do with some xtra money so I can go to ozzy for my cusiinz wedding x fingers X :)

  19. my wohoo would help by baby cloths wohoo thanks guys.

  20. good luck everyone.

  21. wining anything would be great.

  22. My woo hoo will put food in the cupboard seriously lol

  23. makes exam time more bearable :)

  24. woohoo!

  25. WOW What a fantastic woo hoo I got!

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