Who Are We

We’re NZ Tax Refunds and there’s no prizes for guessing what that means. We help New Zealanders get the tax they’ve overpaid back where it belongs – in their pockets!

While we know the WooHoo Windfall is what you’re after when you hitch your wagon to us, we also pride ourselves on being the best in the industry and offering ‘more than you might expect’ every day.

We’re already trusted by hundreds of thousands of clients throughout New Zealand, so we know we’re doing something very right!

We reckon part of our success is due to our hearts being in the right place. We were founded by the most fabulous big-hearted Accountant you’re ever likely to meet – Cilla Hegarty. Before she started NZ Tax Refunds, she used to handle the tax returns for all the clients in her Accountancy practice. Time after time she discovered her clients were overpaying their tax and she didn’t see this as a particularly fair state of affairs. So being a good Kiwi chick, she did something about it and started this!

Meet the team at NZ Tax Refunds.

What We Do

When you complete the IRD tax refund application form, we’ll become your registered with the Inland Revenue, so we can process your tax refund and return your money to you each year. If you’re not owed a tax refund from Inland Revenue, then there’s no fee, we can claim your for you at the same time.

Let us help you, too!

How We Do It

Are you due a tax refund in NZ from the IRD? Find out in just 60 seconds* if you are entitled to claim some of your tax back! To find out if you’re owed a refund, all we need is a few of your details including your IRD number and a drivers licence. 60 seconds* after completing the online tax refund application form you’ll know how much your refund is. If you’ve given us your bank account details then we can deposit it directly, less our fees, within 3 business days in most cases – except for the end of tax year until June.

Quick Facts

  • Date Founded: Jan. 1 2008
  • Refunds Processed to Date: 1,200,000 …and counting!
  • Founder & CEO: Cilla Hegarty
  • Average Processing Time: 32 seconds
  • Headquarters: Christchurch
  • Average Refund Amount: $464.00
  • Average Age of Our Staff: 28
  • Most Common Eye Colour of Staff: Brown
  • Cat People or Dog People: Dog

The WooHoo App is here!

The latest evolution in getting your tax refund!

  • A special reduced fee
  • Confirm for the current tax year
  • View your WooHoo status
  • Apply for a tax refund
  • And more…